Proof of Progress Sale

October 28, 2018

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Bull Birth % Color/Polled Sire
PBRS 4124B 8.25.14 25 Homo Black (T)/Homo Polled EBFL Ypsilanti 420Y
PBRS 4135B 9.1.14 65 Homo Black (P-2)/Homo Polled (T) MAGS Y So Tangled
PBRS 4192B 9.20.14 46 Homo Black/Homo Polled PBRS Built Right 82Z
PBRS 4221B 10.27.14 25 Double Black/Double Polled PBRS UR The Bomb 8155U
PBRS 5104C 3.23.15 56 Homo Black (P-1)/Homo Polled (P-1) PBRS 020X
PBRS 5107C 3.25.15 62 Het Black (T)/Het Polled (T) OKSU The Profit 3401
PBRS 511C 1.23.15 50 Double Black/Homo Polled (T) EXAR Classen 1422B
PBRS 5125C 5.2.15 50 Homo Black (P-1)/Homo Polled OKSU The Profit 3401
PBRS 5127C 4.2.15 56 Homo Black (P-1)/Homo Polled (P-2) MAGS Anchor
PBRS 520C 2.4.15 37 Homo Black (T)/Double Polled MAGS Xyloid
PBRS 544C 2.20.15 50 Homo Black (T)/Homo Polled (P-1) JCL Lodestar 27L
PBRS 555C 2.26.15 50 Double Black/Homo Polled (P-1) EF Zen 344Z
PBRS 572C 3.8.15 50 Double Black/Homo Polled (T) EXAR EZX 3772B
PBRS 582C 3.12.15 37 Double Black/Homo Polled (P-1) C&C McKinley 3000 EXAR
PBRS 588C 3.13.15 43 Homo Black (P-1)/Homo Polled (P-1) MAGS Anchor
PBRS 590C 3.14.15 43 Double Black/Double Polled MAGS Argo

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